Main Characters

Alaine Serel

The main character of the series, Alaine is a young woman aspiring to become one of the holy knights of her patron, a Paladin of Minda.

Alaine is of an average height for her age, has a fair skin tone, and has straw-blonde hair with thin red streaks running through it, and has striking red eyes. Although she doesn’t know it, Alaine was born under the Star Sign of the Fair Maiden, which has gifted her the fairness of form that she does not care for. As a result appearance of her body is deceiving, while appearing softened and delicate her body is actually toned, strong and lithe, more than strong enough to heft heavy swords, shields and armour. She is left handed.

She was born to a family of farmers, however in her youth she was captivated by the faith of Minda and the goddess’s kindness and good will. She taught herself much of the church’s beliefs and commandments, and earnestly applied herself every day in her efforts to be allowed within the temple and to learn the path of the Paladin. Eventually, her faith was rewarded, and she fully intends to serve faithfully and honourably.

While studious in her martial and religious learning, Alaine has neglected her research of worldly knowledge. While she isn’t a fool, she does have great optimism about her future regardless of her obstacles, and is willing to fight for it.

However her path takes an unexpected turn in her final trials to become a paladin, changing her life forever.



A young dragon hatched from a dragon egg by Alaine. Alavare’s egg was fairly old, thought to have been petrified by all it’s prior handlers, but valued as a piece of history and for study, Alavare’s egg had been traded, stolen, given, and stolen again many times before it found it’s way into Alaine’s care.

Shortly after, Alavare hatched and bonded with Alaine. Being so young, Alavare relies on Alaine to care for him, and though Alaine adores him, he’s quite the handful, and being the first Dragon to be encountered in the world for hundreds of years has only increased the trouble he can cause.

Alavare is a Red Dragon, with soft red scales denoting his youth, and piercing red eyes.

As a newborn Alavare is very curious about the world around him, and is incredibly eager to learn both from Alaine and everything else, and this inquisitive nature can often lead Alavare into mischief and trouble.



A travelling wizard with a penchant for unusual cases, and a talented seer with sorcerous origins.

Maldor is an aging man getting on in his years, but no less willing to continue his sightseeing of the world.

Originally born in the Divided Kingdom with his twin sister, their joined sorcerous talent was divided between them. While Maldor’s sister was more than capable of performing the feats of magic that sorcerers and sorceresses are known for, she was completely without foresight, and was incredibly reckless. Maldor on the other hand lacked the talents of basic sorcery his sister quickly mastered, however one gift in particular made itself known to him; his talent for divination.

Where his sister is reckless, Maldor is cautious. His skill and ability to read what the future may hold is unmatched in all of Ilvaria, and this skill has brought him both fortune and infamy, perhaps most notable is his prohibition from entering the gambling dens of no less than seven nations, including Ilvaria, the Sand Sea and the Divided Kingdoms.

Recently however his visions and foresight have become clouded and murky. With this Maldor knows that dark times are ahead of the world and seeks to counter it and help others who can stop it in any way he can.



Darren is an orphan from the town of Howlers Wind. Growing up Darren was and still is fascinated by the world, particularly magic. He maintains a minor faith in Or’Thran he inherited from his parents in the form of an ancestral amulet he has had since he was a baby.

Darren has a slightly pasty complexion from long days staying inside, light brown hair, and a thin physical frame. He wears glasses to correct a minor flaw in his eyesight.

Darren became a practicing wizard after Gercus, a Forest Imp, deemed him worthy of forming a Familiar Contract with him. Shortly afterwards the town’s resident wizard and defacto mayor discovered this and took Samuel in as an apprentice. While Samuel’s teaching ability is lacklustre, Darren is far ahead of his studies regardless for such a young man due to his insatiable inquisitiveness on the matters of the arcane and Gercus’s own tutoring.



Cary is an elven scout whom lost her way and was captured by human mercenaries and criminals.

As an elf Cary is shorter than the humans around her, she has a natural lithe build and is well toned due to her harsh life, and a few healing scars mar her body due to her brutal treatment. She has blue eyes, light brown hair cut short at her shoulders, and a fair skin tone.

She is a natural archer and huntswoman, though she does not like to boast of her skills. She prefers to stay in the background, and avoid contact with others and their notice, however despite this she is also fiercely loyal to those whom earn her trust, and is more than willing to act in their defence and protection, even at the cost of her own life.

Shortly after her capture by criminals the tips of her ears were cut off in attempt to break and intimidate her, the uneducated bandits not realising that she was an Elf. Soon after a wizard amongst the criminals, and their leader, fitted her with an enchanted slave collar they had fitted other people that the criminals had captured, using them to bolster their numbers with unwilling conscripts for their crimes and banditry.

For several years Cary laboured under their uncaring gazes, taking what few and small petty acts of revenge and vengeance upon them.

During the assault on Stormspire she and other slaves were set free by Thormir, and they quickly turned on their former masters.



Thormir is a human, a travelling sorcerer and part-time street entertainer. Thormir forgoes physical coverings for his upper body, wearing only his dark brown breeches and well worn traveling boots. Travels on the road and the dangers have given him a lean but strong body. He has Caucasian skin and brown hair with brown eyes.

In truth however his is a demi-god of the concept of Freedom, son of the long-past God of Freedom. Thormir shies away from his divine heritage and power, unwilling and undesiring to commit himself to any duty or action that leaves him bound for long, however he is also unwilling to let others suffer for his inaction, which is a hint at his own strange past.

Despite this, he owes some favours to other magical beings of great power, or they know how to pull at his heartstrings to move him into action. As one of the few unrestricted links between mortals and the gods, he often finds himself sought out to help them in some way.

A true free spirit when alone, and self-sacrificing to a fault when not, he despises the thought of others relying on him and when they do he seeks to help them reach their full potential so that he need not help them.



Sari is a pixie and the familiar of Thormir. She contracted to Thormir when both he and herself were merely children over a thousand years ago.

Despite her age Sari is still mentally youthful. She is quick to judge both others and herself, is prone to jumping to conclusions and can be easily panicked. However she is also compassionate to a fault, loyal beyond doubt and for the sake of others she is more than willing to put aside her fear and be brave.

Her one true flaw is her own lack of self esteem that is quelled by Thormir’s encouragement and companionship.

One of the sources of her self esteem is her bent wing. Though she is capable of moving it freely, she is incapable of flying under her own power.

In order to fly and travel she enlists the loyal aid of her friend, Petunia, a hawk whom wears a saddle reins from which Sari can ride upon.

Supporting Characters



The residing Wizard and de-facto mayor of the town of Howlers Wind.

Though not an unpleasant man by any means, Samuel has few wants in his life other than to study magic on his own terms, and suffers greatly from tunnel vision in his goals.

When not focused on a task or his personal beliefs Samuel is fairly easy-going, with a friendly personality, curious about the world outside of his own personal space but unwilling to venture out of it. While not altruistic he tries to be good at heart, even though he often stumbles and falls.

However this demeanour can greatly change when he finds a cause, enacts a plan, or is caught off guard.  His morality and emotions are put aside and he becomes focused on the details in which he envisions them, and can become highly stubborn in his beliefs or lack thereof, often falling into defensive behaviour to shield himself from others and their accusations when he clashes with them on his decisions, deflecting blame and hiding from consequences.

His naivety in politics, as well as his personal volatility, has landed him in hot water more than once, leading him to owe favours to many individuals he would rather not, and is why he remains in Howlers Wind and far from them. Few people bother him in his home, and he is glad to keep it that way.

As Samuel does not wish to face his past failings his is as a result often taken off guard when they come calling.  His familiar, a Phoenix, has often attempted to get Samuel to open up about these past mistakes and move on from them, and to free himself of the debts he owes, without much success.

His past later catches up with him after the battle of Stormspire, with a particularly powerful debtor offering to wipe away his past in exchange for a single small favour.



Marcus was born in the city of Dale’s Guard, the only son of his blacksmith father and his merchant mother. Moderately wealthy his family was well able to support themselves through hard and dutiful work, traits that they did their best to instil in their son.

While Marcus is not too interested in the frivolities of life he is far from simple. He knows how to take care of the equipment, weapons and armour that he is given and can keep his affairs in order and organised.

However Marcus often downplays himself, humble to a fault, and prefers to keep his life simple. He worship’s Minda out of respect for her and faith in that she will not steer him wrong.

His only notable fault is that he is a heavy sleeper, and as a result often ends up on the receiving end of the loud tolling of various awakening bells in the temple.



Gillian was born to her parents shortly after their arrival in Dale’s Guard. From one of the oldest and furthest of the nomadic clans in the Wastelands her parents left the clan and journeyed west after disagreements with the clan’s leadership.

Gillian was born a scant few days after arriving in Dale’s Guard, with few possessions and supplies her parents considered wether it would have been more merciful to let their only child die rather than suffer hardship as they remaking their lives.

Fortunately for Gillian her parents chose not to abandon her, and instead set about rebuilding their lives. For several years they found themselves in the employ of petty work for others, and given the charities of the Church Of Minda alongside many others in similar situations to them.

Though her relationship with her parents is distant, they still care for her a great deal. Even when she became enamoured with the Church Of Minda and chose to leave them, they have never stopped caring for her, confident that they had made the right choice in raising her. Gillian’s animosity for her parents stems strongly from their difficulties in relating to her, she grew up among civilisation, and they did not.

Gillian is highly determined to pay back every inch of kindness Minda’s church and priests had in both her childhood and in accepting and training her tenfold. She takes her devotion to Minda very seriously, and has excelled in all arts from wordplay to swordplay and channelling the power Minda grants her.

However despite this Gillian is poor at making relationships with others. As a result of her studiousness she has unintentionally distanced herself from socialising with others casually. While not impossible for her to socialise, most often than not it is others whom must initiate casual conversation with her.



Savan is the son of Dale’s Guard’s high alchemist and archivists. His mother and father share an equal responsibility, serving both positions whenever they can and leading to a busy lifestyle in which they have little time to themselves. The family lived within the Dale’s Guard fortress, at the behest of the lord of the fortress himself, always nearby in case the their services were required.

Savan inherited their studiousness to a fault, aspiring after his mother and father to excel in his studies. Often however they would be forced to leave Savan unattended within the halls of the Dale’s Guard’s archives, where he would read the endless books and records contained within, from historical writings to flowing poetry and scriptures, and the occasional misplaced journal or notebook.

Savan learned magic by himself, from the few records of knowledge contained in the archives he pieced together his understanding. He was enamoured with the mysteries of magic despite lacking a familiar, but in doing so he put himself at great risk.

When his parents discovered that he had begun to practice magic, they knew that they wouldn’t be able to prevent his fascination with it. However they also knew that the dangers were extensive without the aid of a Familiar.

They sought out the priests of Minda to teach him of the dangers of magic, and to keep him safe from them. Recognising the dangers the temple accepted, and took Savan in to teach him. Savan would learn the techniques of faithful spellasting, the art of drawing upon the connection of faith to guide the crafting of ones spells, effectively using it in place of a Familiar.

Savan’s worship Minda is somewhat different in the usual sense that others do, but his respect and regard for her is undeniable, as is his faith in her power, strength and knowledge. He knows she is a god and sees her as a god and the patron of his most favoured arts in equal measure, but most importantly he looks upto Minda as his teacher.



Salie is the daughter of the keeper of the Dale’s Guard Watch-House. As the prestigious keepers of the Watch-House, Salie’s family has garnered no small amount of influence over the small stretch of healthy and civilised lands claimed by Ilvaria at the borders of the Wastelands, including the rights of a noble family, great wealth, and political power.

As their first-born daughter, Salie was fairly spoiled by her nobility and the benefits that came with it, but became increasingly disinterested in her family’s responsibilities and politics, dreaming of lands beyond the Wastelands to the east and the mountains to the west.

Salie’s increasing belligerence and potential for scandals was an eventuality that her parents decided to nip in the bud, and they bargained the Temple Of Minda to take her in, hoping that the experience and lessons she would learn would curb her rebelliousness.

Though not particularly faithful to the religion of the Goddess of Magic, Salie was accepted. Over time her faith would be strengthened by her teachers even as they did their best to impress upon her lessons of humility, swordplay, history, and magic.

Sir Terras

Knight-Servant of Bara’kor

Darus and Jeff

Employees of a nation-wide delivery and mail service in Ilvaria

Ramon The Bell Toller

Priest of Minda and holder the Bell of Awakening.

Baulson Peeler

Apprentice tailor who works at Cloren’s Clothing



Takalia, Bandit and Scoundrel


The Shadowed Man



Minda, The Lady Of Magic

Goddess of Magic, master of all arcane knowledge, Minda is the daughter of Orvanos (the God of Light). Minda ascended to god-hood after mastering the Concept of Magic several centuries ago, and makes to act as a force of good in the World.

Her teachings are that of responsibility concerning the use of magic, and preventing it from being abused. She grants her Paladins not only great magical power in return for their faith, but also the skills and power to dispel magic that is being abused by others.

Minda personally chronicled every spell, ritual, hex and rune she had encountered in her long life as a mortal and Demi-Goddess. This work only grew ever larger and more powerful as time went on, until eventually her work was completed in full.

Now wielding a tome completed and containing knowledge of every kind of magical phenomena imaginable, Minda took the final blank pages of the tome and tore them out. She spread these pages far and wide into the World as a challenge to others to find them and uses these pages to gain insight into magic, and not only through the journey to find it, but also to master it like herself.

From these seemingly blank pages a person can read the words and writings of the true tome itself. Wether what it show is something they desire to learn however is almost a game of chance, and those whom hoard these pages to themselves will often find said pages slipping through their grasp.

Lolamar, The Lord Of The Dead

The God of Death, Lolamar is the caretaker of souls and an Elder God. Lolamar was once an infernal demon of the Infinite Hells, surrounded by the unending dead in the aftermath of the Shattering.

Lolamar acts as the caretaker of souls, guiding souls to their ultimate destination after their death, and ensuring that the connections between the mortal World, the Celestial Realms and the Infinite Hells remain strong.

In cases in which souls are unable to pass onto an afterlife, he empowers his agents to assist these ghosts to make peace and move on, or if held against their will to destroy the source preventing the soul from passing on.

Or’thran, Lord Of Tremors

Or’thran is the Lord of Tremors and the shifting of forces that cause those tremors.

An unorthodox god, Or’thran has stretched the meaning of his Concept to it’s very limit, affecting not only the Earth which shifts and changes, but also metaphorical tremors in life and chance, which has earned him an irritated glance or two from the God of Luck.

Bara’kor, Lord Of Beasts

Bara’kor is a younger God, his Concept that of Beasts. Bara’kor was once a Shaman and Berserker of the barbarian tribes of the Eastern Hills before their sundering into the Wastelands.

Bara’kor values the primal and bestial strength to be found in nature, and in mortal kind. Though one would be foolish to assume that he is unintelligent, as animal cunning falls under his purview.

Orvanos, God Of Light

One the eldest Gods, Orvanos was once a Celestial that strayed from the Celestial Realms and his core beliefs shortly after the Shattering. He sought to atone for untold millenniums that he had spent fighting the forces of the Concept of Evil, perpetuating only war and suffering in his wake.

He sought to bring light to both his failings, and the failures of his kin, and to illuminate the burgeoning mortals of the World.

He is among the few Gods that can maintain their strength of will to bind their concept without the continued aid of worship.

Julies, God Of The Sun and Day

Brother of Shara, Julies is the lord of the Sun, the closest Concept to the World. His Concept emanates the warmth throughout the Void which warms the World.

Julies champions the cause of duty and the permeation of the day.

Shara, Goddess Of The Moon And Night

Sister of Julies, Shara is the lady of the Moon, the second-closest Concept to the World. The Moon symbolises the cold darkness of the Void, and Shara works to protect the world from the cold Void where her brother’s warmth cannot reach.

Shara symbolises the night, and champions comfort and care in the darkest of hours.


Necromancer King

A master necromancer who commited the hated crime of Black Necromancy. He once tried to raise an army of the dead to take over the world from the East.

He emerged in the Deathbreath mountains, slaughtering the native peoples, before resurrecting them as his undead slaves. Dwarf, Orc, Human, it mattered little. The few that survived were pressed into his personal cult.

In his first, and last, major campaign of conquest against the living people of the World, the Necromancer King devastated the Eastern Plains, sundering them and claiming it’s life for millennia to come, rendering it the Wasteland. From there he contended with the Dale’s-Guard fortress of Ilvaria, built to stop him once and for all.

Though he broke through Ilvaria’s defences his forces were savagely weakened. As they passed through the mountain passes between Dale’s-Guard and Ilvaria, the God of Death Lolamar cursed the necromancer’s twisted servants to be imprisoned within the ravine for all time.

His army destroyed, and his followers scattered, it’s assumed that the Necromancer King perished within the ravine long ago.