Hayden Selfe

Hi there! That’s me on the left there, the writer of Dragon Paladin.  No, not the dragon, the human. Despite how great dragons are I am not one. I can write stories that have dragons in them though, and I hope to be able to write more in the future!

My Story

Where do I begin? I first started writing when I was fifteen years old. Back then I was having difficulties in high-school. I was quite anti-social back then with more than a few obvious quicks that stood out to other people. Unfortunately for me, those people were bullies. This rather harshly affected me at school and even at home where I was safe, leading me to take refuge in books, video games, and my extensive imagination.

That’s where it all started. My imagination. Inspired by the books I had read and the stories told in my games, I started thinking about different places, different worlds. Worlds with magic, glory and adventure. So I started scribbling them down, then those scribbles became writings, and those writings became story. I had a few stuttering starts, but in the end I managed to focus on one story in particular and finish it into a book. Dragon Paladin, which I later named Hatchling Heroes and made it into the first of what I planned to be a whole series of books for others and myself to enjoy.

But you probably want more information that that don’t you?

I was born in 1994 at Subiaco Western Australia. I spent the first years of my life in Kalgoorlie, a gold-mining town in central WA.

From there my family moved around a bit eventually ending up in Kalamunda where I now reside.

Apart from writing my books, I’m a fan of video games and reading fiction, both of which influenced my own writing passions, and I play semi-regular games of MtG and D&D at local game groups.

Get in Touch . . .

If you’d like to order a book or drop me a message you can either visit the Dragon Paladin Facebook page, or you can email me at postwargryphon@hotmail.com