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9 thoughts on “The Dragon Cave”

  1. I heard you were appearing at the Roleystone Markets in March – can I have some more information about this please?

    1. Yes you can! On the 24th I will be attending the Rolystone Market and will be selling various merchantdise related to the Dragon Paladin series. I will be there personally to sell my books as well as talk to fans and answer questions!

  2. Hey all, just 12 more days until the Roleystone Market. Hope your ready! In the meantime does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do for my next big thing? Hope you’ll enjoy this one!

  3. Hi Everyone, how is it going? Roleystone Markets finished last night, and it was quite the experience for me! First Market I’ve ever done my book at!

    Hope to see all the people I met there again some day, hopefully soon!

  4. Still writing, still imagining. How is everyone? A thought came to me today, what kind of length do you like your book to be? 60,000 to 80,000 words is good for me, but what about you? Let me know!

  5. Hi all, been gone for a while. Just had to burn my inbox and some parts of the blog due to an influx of spam.

    Which carried virus’s of course. Wonderful. I’ll be checking back later to see if I’ve fixed everything. Hope to hear from you soon!

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